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Mucha Mujer

Aims to train each year to women in the performing arts through the organization of a theatrical laboratory training that strengthens the autonomy of the participants, the investigation of their own role, as well as their social and professional integration. Everything from the perspective of art as human and social activity. The artistic training provided within the framework of the initiative Mucha Mujer aims to incorporate language that allows women in the process of social inclusion to express and find meaning in their own life, as well as stimulate creativity in broad terms, and facilitate the seeking and achieving of a fulfilled life.


The participants formed during the year, are involved in the creation of a new stage production and participate in different types of cultural events.


It is a cultural project of equality and integration that works for and with the women of Barcelona. 

Interacting with entities from different neighbourhoods of the city and promoting networking to strengthen the bonds of community and providing greater visibility both locally and internationally.