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Our work is the result of nine months of training and theatrical research:




 invitacion fotosmini


 Performance 2012

"The ballerina Music Box"

The girly woman that guards her femininity and uniqueness

The Women from Mucha Mujer shared the stage with models to present in an unique and different way the creations done by designer Natalie Capell.

Premiered: Theatre Liceu, Barcelona.




 Muchas Mujer Second edition / Creation 2011

"Carring my life"

With life in their suitcases, five women are prepared to travel, looking for a place, their place ... Does it matter to know what is our place, where are we going, what is our destiny? What does it mean to go and stay? What matters is to travel with our lives in the moment in which we live, is to get lost and to find ourselves, is to advance and to dream, is to wait at each station. They bring in their suitcases heartbreak and hope of being accepted, rejection and perseverance to change, suffering and the strength to fight, violence and love.

Premiered: As part of the International Day against gender violence, in Castell de Pallejà.




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 Performance 2010

“Women who weave poetry"

Legend tells us that since the beginning of the world women were assigned the task of weaving. An innocent glance between them was enough to accept the mission of weaving with their threads, and wove lives, poems, dreams ...

Premiered: At the inaguration of Plaza 8 de marzo, and also at the Centro de la Imatge, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona



alla donde guarde 


 Mucha Mujer First edition  / Creation 2010 

"There, where you keep the strength of your humanity"...  

When have I felt more womanly? When a real Woman? When did I feel more vulnerable? The answer is always by your side, because although I do not remember your face, I remember that you left me. "

Premiered: At the Sala de Cambra del Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona.