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Trastero de las Artes, nonprofit cultural asociation

Created in March of the 2008, it's purpose is to investigate and to spread the arts in all expressions.

The main work of this Association is the one to integrate the language of art, poetry and body with other social languages and practices such as education, health and humand sciences.

It uses theatre as an essential tool in education and training, to improve the social cohesion and achieve a more dignified, just and caring society.

Mission: Trastero de las Artes aims to develop an artistic space and generate personal and social opportunities for women in the process of social inclusion in collaboration with other organizations that share their ideas.


Equality: treat and care for all people, with respect, dignity and humility, given them the same opportunities regardless of their race, age, sex, sexual orientation, class, disability and religion.

Solidarity: with the needy and vulnerable with emphasis on women. Being willing to change through the use of theater  as a tool for social transformation.

Integrity: to always act  in an open, ethical, transparent, efficient, honest and Integrated way. To be independent of any religious or politico-social organization.

Commitment: with the women who participate in Mucha Mujer

Flexibility: adapt to the needs of each person.

Open: To public, private organizations and to the civil society.

For mor information visit www.trasterodelasartes.com